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The ACADME Education Purchase Program is designed to address the tremendous amount of feedback received from our memoryexpress customers. The ACADME mission is to "create customers for life" starting with students, parents and staff in the Canadian education sector. We deliver value by curating the best computers and laptops for everyday use whether you're on the go or on campus.

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Public Beta Test

During the ACADME public beta test our website will be fully functional for purchases made by students (and/or their parents) and school staff. The following features of ACADME are currently available:

  1. Process purchases from ACADME e-commerce website

    • Accepted forms of online payment
      • Visa credit card
      • MasterCard credit card
      • Visa debit card
  2. Flat rate shipping direct to customer shipping address.

    • In-store pick up is unavailable during public beta test.

  3. Speak to a sales representative

  4. Speak to a customer service representative


Our philosophy is to operate with integrity and trust, reliability, results, and responsiveness. The way we do this is by delivering honest and timely solutions to your computer and laptop needs.


ACADME Education Purchase Program is a subsidiary of Memory Express

Since 1996, memoryexpress has established a leadership position as the premier destination for computer products and services. Starting from a humble beginning, we have grown into a multi-million dollar company with many retail locations across Canada. Our success is the result of all the people who walk through our doors each and every day – our customers, our staff, and our vendor partners. 100% Canadian owned & operated, our customer base has grown exponentially from year to year through referrals and word of mouth. During this time, we have also achieved premier partnership levels with key vendors such as Microsoft, Intel, and AMD.

ACADME is launching Canada-wide to post-secondary students and staff by Winter 2023.